DATES: April 18 - April 29

This year marks our Silver Anniversary. For 25 consecutive years, the Buffalo
International Jewish Film Festival, the second longest running annual festival of its kind, has presented unique, varied and highly entertaining cinematic depictions of Jewish life and culture. Our success over the years is due to the efforts of our volunteer screening committee. This year’s committee has previewed and critiqued many candidates to bring you the best available films.

Our 25th year is especially exciting because our screening committee has chosen to include only films which have never been shown commercially in the Buffalo area. Moreover, there are selections from countries that have never been represented before: Slovakia, Switzerland, Australia, and Tunisia. Add to these Canada, France, Germany, the U.S., and Israel and our 2010 festival encompasses Jewish societies on five continents!

Our film themes range from the commonplace to the unusual. A 13-year old girl seeks an identity while coping with being the only Jew in her school. Two young women, one Jewish and one Muslim, forge a friendship while under the pressure of impending marriage and an ongoing war. A young soccer prodigy uses skill and guile to survive the Holocaust. Ordinary enough. But then, how about a sumo wrestling tournament in Israel? Or an Israeli professional baseball league? Whatever the subject matter, all our offerings are quality films that will engage, intrigue, and delight our audiences.

The Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival organizers wish to thank the local
community for its continued support. Your appreciation of fine film challenges us each year to make the Festival a memorable, much talked about event.

See you at the movies!

2010 Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival Committee